Martin Ellis
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Research Interests

Generally, I am interested in Internet measurement, network data visualisation, and how network performance can be made easier to understand, particularly how network performance is perceived by home users. I'm also interested in real-time applications such as conferencing and Internet video, and how their performance can be optimised for home users.

My PhD research focused on improving our understanding of residential broadband networks, and the effect of these networks on real-time services such as Internet video and IPTV. This involved measurement, analysis, and modelling of real-time traffic. Some of the data I collected is available for download.

Using this data, I have also evaluated FEC performance over residential links, and investigated models for Internet packet loss on residential networks.

I have also worked on client-side measurements of the Spotify peer-to-peer music streaming service. More information on this work can be found here.


See also my Google Scholar page.