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About Me

I recently completed a PhD in the Embedded, Networked, and Distributed Systems research group of the School of Computing Science, at the University of Glasgow, working under the supervision of Colin Perkins and Dimitrios Pezaros.

My research focuses on IPTV networks; in particular, how high quality IPTV can be delivered over residential DSL and Cable networks. This has involved measuring and analysing the performance characteristics of these networks, in order to determine their suitability for the provision of IPTV services.
This work formed part of the Cisco-funded Adaptive IPTV project, in collaboration with Jörg Ott, Sathyanarayanan Suryanarayanan, and Alejandra Soni at Aalto University.

Previously, I've been involved with lab demonstrating for undergraduate classes, demonstrating for the Advanced Programming 3, Networked Systems 3, and Operating Systems 3 modules.